Our Mission

Promote socioeconomic equality in developing countries by selling and exporting quality consumer products manufactured in the United States to strategic partners who in turn sell the said products to the general public via retail storefronts abroad in their home countries. We are in the process of building our network of suppliers and retail partners.


 USA Based Suppliers

Our supplier focus is on small to medium sized companies, who manufacture retail consumer products. We are looking for companies who want to make a difference by improving the quality of life for people living in the developing world. We want to make it possible for anyone living overseas to have access to high quality consumer products at affordable prices while giving our suppliers the ability to reach new and developing markets that might have otherwise been out of reach because or language or cultural barriers.


Retail Partners Abroad

Our retail partner focus is on small locally owned businesses, with in person storefronts, who take pride in what they do and are looking for ways to improve the quality of life for them and their neighbors by selling high quality consumer products with modest profit margins while fostering capitalism at the small business level and undermining monopolies.